Artist Arnaud Faugas lives and works in Bordeaux, France. His lively illustrations of situations and characters are always imagined with wit and humor. 
Working with watercolor and India ink on paper exclusively, he creates vibrant and exciting large-format urban views, reflecting the joy and energy of city life.

Arnaud Faugas exhibits regularly in his hometown, in Paris, and also in the USA – most recently at the Stanford in Washington Art Gallery, in Washington, DC.

His most recent project was a series of 90 paintings of the most Prestigious winemaking chateaux in the Bordeaux area, which is now housed at the headquarters of a well known Bordeaux wine merchant.

Sports : Ski Surf Judo Pelota Saut Rugby

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Sports : Ski Judo Pelota Saut Rugby

Aquarelles et crayon sur papier / Watercolor and pencil on paper

40 x 30 cm / 15 x 11 inches

27 x 20 cm. / 10 x 7 inches

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