Custom Made

Wedding announcement – Invitation

Arnaud is very happy to share the joy and excitement of your special day as you begin your life together.

He will design for you a wedding announcement illustration. You will discuss with him what you would like, he makes a draft, and when you OK it (after any adaptations that need to be made), he will create the final painting. He will transfer to you a high-resolution copy for your chosen printing company, and he will also send you the original to keep.

Clients often like to represent the place where the wedding will take place, or places where they have been to together, activities they enjoy together, or whatever is meaningful to you both. It’s your personal illustration, custom-made just for you; a one-of-a-kind keepsake!

Use is limited to the event itself, reproduction limited to personal use only. You get to keep the original drawing!

Wedding announcement : 400 euros

Also, paintings made to order as present for the newlywed
Format 20×25 inches (50×66 cms) : 600 euros

Any other requests, write us!